As an artist, my main focus lies in Visual Effects. What drives my practice is the ideology of fantasy. The thoughts and myths that are ever-present in my imagination drive me to create things that have a mixture of both real, unreal and surreal. Originally my passion lied in  Visual Communication but later on as my knowledge grew so did my field of interest, leading me to my current practice. Value plays are a great part of my work as I create it to not only set the mood of the piece but also to add ambiguity. I might concede that analysis has its uses and that discussion can occasionally yield some valuable insights, but deep down I know that only action is real which leads to performance. My obsessive nature of making things right and my impeccable ethics combines to create the entirety of my artistic practice. My works focus on concepts of fear and myth in the 3D realm. I tend to create pieces that occur in my dreams and idle imagination. They act as a kick start to my brainstorming. The unintentional thoughts I have in my head. I just randomly think up a creature in my environment and its superpowers. They are a combination of mythical objects but in a realistic environment. This is what drives me to create all the time. Ultimately, my work talks about the relationships a person experiences and how they connect with my imagination. By focussing on realistic textures in the 3D realm that coincide with my fantastical creations, I can create my own surreal environment. Recently, I have been trying to explore particle simulations in 3D softwares such as Maya and RealFlow. The simulations in my pieces act as a bridge between my intended thoughts and the audience's perspective which gives it an ambiguous narrative. The audience is given their own opportunity to take hold of my imagination while others take refuge in the existing rules involved in dynamic creativity. Through all these aspects, I create work that indulges the minds of all and brings to reality to the forefront of nature’s fantasy.